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Parents are the first teachers; they provide the moral and social skills necessary for a viable community. Studies have shown that when parents are empowered then their offspring have a better chance of reaching their full potential.

Elimu Nyumbani offers training to parents on how to home school.

Below are answers to some of the questions parents have been asking us.

1.Is home schooling accepted legally in Kenya?

Yes, homeschooling is legal but there are no specific laws for or against it. it is covered broadly under the Alternative Education Policy which is recognized by the Ministry of Education.
2. Can a home schooled child be later on placed in school or go to college without any problems?

Yes they can. That is determined by what curriculum you use, exams you sit for and what college they want to attend. Some choices have broader options than others. Eg. With the 8-4-4 exams, you can enroll in both public and private colleges. With British or American exams you are limited to private colleges. With a portfolio and no national exams, you have few options  locally eg. DALC Education.  You may have to look overseas.

3.  Which curriculum did you use?

I started off with ACE then became eclectic, using different curriculums for different subjects. Like  Saxon, Math-u-see, IEW, Sonlite books, Apologia Science, Kenya 8-4-4 books etc.  I also write my own curriculum. I opted for no national exams and have a portfolio instead. We found one college in Kenya where my daughter is enrolled  (DALC Education) This path is untrodden but allows the child the most freedom.

4. Are there any kind of home school groups / co-ops in Kenya?

Yes. People who live near each other and have children of the same age range form their own groups. We have an annual East Africa conference where you can meet many families at once from different parts of East Africa.

5. Did your children get adequate socialization?
One is very social and the other keeps more to herself. They each determine what is enough for them. Generally, there are opportunities for socialization. However, you have to look for them and even create them yourself.

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  1. Am looking for home schooling programmes or materials for my grandson who is adhd and dyslexia. Can you help? Thank you

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