Whole Child Development

Our mission is to advance the knowledge base in harmony with the growth of an individual until maturity subsequently developing the whole-child...mentality, physically and spiritually.

Empowering Parents & Students

Provide complementing, individualized, non-graded education to homeschooling families in partnership with parents

Higher Standards

Education is more than just a test; homeschooling brings back true learning and exploration into the educational process.

Parental Involvement

Parents are the first teachers and in the homeschooling process is remains that way. Parents are involved in every aspect of their child's development.

Child Centered

Your child is more than is just a number in the classroom. The curriculum is customized to the style of your child's learning needs and desires.

Teacher Training

Learn to be a homeschool teacher and assist families with the education of their children and be a part of a movement that fosters inspired learning.

Homeschooling Training Videos Coming Soon!

Learn more about Homeschooling

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Homeschooling is more popular than ever before...

Read testimonials from our clients!

Since joining this class, I have been enlightened in many ways. I have learnt that the goals of education can be broader than passing exams, through homeschooling, one is free to focus on the child’s natural skills, values and teach truth all from a young age. Now I am working more closely with my children to maintain a more balanced education.

Esther Mumbi

When I started my lessons, I didn’t know that I would learn so much. It was a total paradigm shift. Since beginning the classes, I no longer equate children to grades or labels such as 'high' 'middle' or 'low' performers. All learners, given an opportunity, the right environment and chance to sharpen their gifts and talents, can achieve full potential and total fulfillment of their purpose on earth.

Ann Mwangu

Having been a teacher, I can now say for sure that homeschooling is the best way of educating a child. A parent can build a positive environment and build a beautiful relationship with their child. A student can achieve academic excellence and grow up learning values. Homeschooling gives a child the opportunity to explore a wide range of knowledge and skills.

Ann Wambui